New Web Interface Simplifies Token Listing On Pando Swap

Democratizing Token Listing: The Power of Pando Swap

Blockchain technology, while transformative and revolutionary, has been challenging to navigate for the average user.

Pandoopen in new window's commitment to making blockchain technology accessible for all, for people.

The complexity of the underlying protocols and coding necessities often stood as an obstacle for those who desired to self-list their tokens. Although self-listing was technically possible on Pando's swap protocol, it required substantial technical knowledge and familiarity with blockchain operations.

This complexity deterred many potential token creators from exploring this exciting opportunity. Recognizing this gap, our team has been dedicated to developing an intuitive, simple-to-use solution that can facilitate token listing for everyone, making blockchain interaction as effortless as possible.

Breaking Barriers: Pando Swap's New User-Friendly Web Interface

The Pando team has carefully designed an intuitive web interface that effortlessly guides users through the token listing process. To start, all users need to ensure they have the necessary tokens in their wallet. This interface streamlines token listing by simplifying blockchain interactions and providing clear instructions.

How to List Your Tokens in Four Simple Steps

Navigating the token listing process on Pando Swap's web interface is designed to be effortless and straightforward, comprising just four simple steps:

  1. Token Preparation: Ensure that your tokens are in your wallet and ready for listing.
  2. Access the Web Interface: Visit Pando Swap's user-friendly web interface hereopen in new window
  3. Submit Listing Request: Follow the instructions provided on the interface to submit your request for token listing.
  4. Wait for Approval: After successfully submitting the request, patiently wait for approval from the MTG network.

Happy listing!


  • In the process of listing tokens on Pando Swap, users are required to pay gas fees, which facilitate the issuance of LP tokens.
  • Following the submission and payment of gas fees, the token listing request is sent to the MTG network for approval. The approval process varies in duration and requires users' patience.
  • To display the newly listed tokens on Pando Swap's web interface, the token will follow Pando Token Tags Criteriaopen in new window.
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