An introduction to Option Dance and Leafer

Option Dance

The cryptocurrency market is changing rapidly. Do you want to buy assets at low prices or sell assets at high prices?

You should try Option Danceopen in new window, we offer four tools to help you buy low or sell high.

Dip Hunter for HODLers

With Dip Hunter, you can submit a BTC buy order with an amount higher than the market price, and you will receive interest income during the waiting period regardless of whether you successfully buy BTC or not.

Stable Profit for Sellers

With Stable Profit, you can submit a BTC sell order with an amount higher than the market price. Regardless of whether you sell BTC successfully or not, you will receive interest income during the waiting period.

Crash Protection & Bullish Protection

Worried about rising or falling coin prices? You can buy insurance and get paid when the currency price falls or rises.


I'm Jack, mid-2022 and the bitcoin price crashes in minutes! Suddenly I remembered that I created some Pando Leaf vaults a few months ago and wondered what happened to the collateral rate.

Unfortunately, when I opened Pando Leaf, one vault had already been liquidated. The rest of the vaults needed more collateral added and if I could have checked Pando Leaf sooner, this would have prevented the liquidation.

On the recommendation of a friend, I started using Leaferopen in new window, an application for protecting Pando Leaf vaults

Simple and secure operation

When I authorized the use, I found that Leafer is very easy to use. I only need to share the card with the vault details to read the vault data, and the whole process does not require authorized asset information, which is safe and secure.

Support multiple message notifications

Sometimes I don't pay attention to my phone, even if I send a message to remind me, but I was surprised to find that Leafer supports 5 different kinds of notifications. Including Mixin Messenger/ Telegram/ Signal/ SMS/ Phone, which greatly improves the probability of receiving notifications, very worry-free!

Free for new users for a limited time

Such a good service, the price is cheap not to mention, join the first vault can also be used for free for a year, simply too good value! As a long-term person, proper leverage can increase the rate of return, and Leafer is a superb companion to guarantee the security of long-term plain leverage.

Attention is the most valuable resource a person can have, and hiring a robot to do the monitoring for you is always worth it.

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