Recent updates on Pando

At the end of May, we would like to synchronize some of the recent updates with you.

4swap displayed on CoinGecko

4swap has been successfully included in CoinGeckoopen in new window's Decentralized Exchanges category.

We are still working with the CoinGecko team to fix some issues of the page to ensure that the data displayed is fully accurate.

In the meanwhile, we are also trying to get the Pandoopen in new window product suite, including 4swap, Pando Leaf and Pando Rings, listed on as many well-known ranking sites as possible.

Translation Awards

Thanks to the joint efforts from community, Pando documentation has been greatly improved in terms of completeness and quality. As a result, there is much less work left for transalation.

To accommodate the change, the translation award announcement will be posted quarterly, a change from the previous monthly. However, the translation reward itself will still be distributed to Pando community volunteers on a monthly basis.

Thank you, Pando community members, for your dedication.

Branding Updates

We have upgraded to a new set of product logos. You may find them more trendy. 😉

Meanwhile, here are some iterations of Pando Leaf:

  • Optimized authorization steps - no more needs to jump to a new page
  • Updated auction-related pages for easier usages
  • A new chart added to the market page, showing historical changes in total supply and total collateral data

In a word, Leaf has become even easier to use, so have Pando Rings & 4swap.

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