How to get event awards

Pandoopen in new window is an open source DeFiopen in new window project based on Mixin Networkopen in new window that uses MTG to keep funds safe. The accumulated assets under management have reached 327M $ and the DEX—— 4swapopen in new window is ranked around 30 in the world.

To thank all our users for support and to let more people know about us, there will be some events that everyone can participat in and will have a chance to get rewards.

Create a Mixin Wallet

In order to easily receive your event rewards, you must have a wallet on the Mixin Network. There are three easy ways to get one.

In one word, create a wallet and fill in the correct address as required in order to receive the rewards.

View Wallet Address & Transfer

If you use Mixin Messenger, you can see the various types of cryptocurrencies when you open the wallet and click on Transfer to view the wallet address.

Consult the Mixin documentation: How to deposit on Mixin Messenger?open in new window

Also, you can receive transfers from others by viewing your Mixin ID as follows.

If you use the Fennec web Mixin wallet, you can refer to the following flow to add a currency and view the recipient address.

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