Become a Pando Contributor to Win Honors & Awards

Pandoopen in new window is an open-source project. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the growth of Pando.

At the beginning of the project construction, we will additionally provide honors & bonuses for translation contributors.

Supported Languages

We are initially open for translation in 5 languages: Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German and Spanish.

How to translate

The approximate steps are as follows:

  1. Register an account. Click in new window to start;

  2. visit pando's home page on crowdin. https://pando.crowdin.comopen in new window

  3. translate md or translate string.

    The documents that need to be translated are those with the ".md" suffix in the Docs folder.

Click on the link blew to read the detailed operating instructions. Focus on the "for translator" section. in new window

By the way, the translations must be approved by community proofreader before rewards will be issued.


Q: Order of formatting tags in the translation is incorrect.

A:Probably a modifying syntax error. When you encounter code that modifies the formatting during translation, leave it unchanged. For example:

You have to keep your collateralization ratio in a safe range(above 150%) to avoid <strong x-id="1">[liquidation]</strong> (

The above is the original text, translated into Korean as follows:

청산을 피하기 위해 담보 비율 을 안전한 범위( 150% 이상) 로 <strong x-id="1"[>유지해야 합니다.]</strong>(

Q: Translation contains 1 extra symbol"("

A: This error usually occurs when Chinese brackets are used, just click Save Anyway.

Q:what's the differences between translators and proofreaders?

A: Proofreaders need to review the text saved by other translators. All text should be reviewed and approved by the proofreaders before they are merging to the source code. So the proofreaders will receive more rewards than regular translators. Of course, proofreaders are translator. they can also do the translation.

Honors and Awards

For all translators, we will give:

  1. The NFT of Pando Translator;
  2. The translator's name in the Pando documentation and put their Mixin ID and donation link on the official website.

The approved translations will be divided into three categories.

Type of translationAward amount of 1000 words(USDT)
Normal translation30
Machine Translation10
proofread translation*10

*Specially, if you are good at Japanese, German, Korean, Spanish and can provide valid qualifications to us, you can apply to become a proofreader and receive an additional 10 usdt/1000 words translation benefit.

How to get it

First you should get your mixin messengeropen in new window ID to contact administrators and exchange problems encountered in translation with others.

Click download Mixin messengeropen in new window , search 37160854 for Chris and ask him to add you to the volunteer translators group.

In order to successfully receive the reward, two things must be done.

It is expected that translations will be reviewed once a month and awards will be given based on the results.

About Volunteer Translators

Perhaps you have never imagined that the words you translate will be read by countless people. Your name will be on pando's official website and will be appreciated by others. At the same time, you will also have the unique NFT of pando translation contributors.

It's all here, come and join us!

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