Help us translate Pando Docs

Pando is an open source project, and we are always looking for translators. If you are interested in translating the docs of Pando, please follow the instructions here to get started.

A brief description of the translation process:

Translate at Crowdin

If you're not familiar with Github and the i18n of Pando, we recommend you to use Crowdin to help us translate the docs.

  1. Tap hereopen in new window to sign-up an account of Crowdin
  2. Browse the translation status and progress at Pando's Page at Crwodinopen in new window
  3. Get familiar with the Crowdin translation UI, as you will need to use it to translate JSON and Markdown files

Translate at Github

You can also add your translation by adding Pull Requestsopen in new window at Github.

Please fork this repositoryopen in new window and read the Contribute Guide before adding new translations.

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