Why does Pando support MVM?

Pandoopen in new window is based on Mixin Network. Before the arrival of MVM, the main users come from Mixin Messenger. For traditional blockchain users, they are required to understanding Mixin before they use Pando, which is a long conversion path. However, after Pando's product supports MVM, everyone can use Pando without any perception of Mixin Network, which is very important to get new users.

Challenges encountered with MVM support?

There are two problems in front of MVM.

  • users who are familiar with Mixin have less chance to use it because the usage experience inside Mixin Messenger is better.
  • The users who are familiar with ETH wallet may have a sense of superiority, thinking that the wallet they are using can be called a real blockchain wallet, so they have no willing to make some new attempts.

Difficulties in integrating support for MVM?

Our team's style has always been more rigorous. To answer this question, I purposely went to ask the engineers who support MVM. Here are the original words of our engineers.

MVM is not very different from other DAPP applications on ETH. So it is not very difficult to familiarize if related knowledge, and you can ask questions in the development group of MVM in Mixin Messenger.

Actually I was going to ask what the difficulties are, but it's important to respecting the facts.

Future Prospects of MVM

Expanding business cooperation to develop more powerful products by taking advantage of the characteristics of MVM.

In addition, when designing new products, we should incorporate more "win-win factors" to help users making money together.

The article was shared by Chris, the Team Member of Pando, in Twitter Space.

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