The global economic environment is bad this year. But even if I do not work, I can still have a passive income of 50 U.S. dollars one day.

194258 * 0.096 / 365 = 51 USD

You may have a series of questions to ask me. What is this product? Why is the interest rate so high? Is it safe? Then let me answer next.

Who is it?

This product is Pando Ringsopen in new window, developed by the Pando team, the official website is Pando.imopen in new window.

Pando Rings is just one of several main products of Pandoopen in new window. You can enjoy browsing more informative documentation on the official website.

The product has been running smoothly for more than a year, and the code has been audited by a professional organization. See the audit reportopen in new window

Every adult should be responsible for their own money. Luckily, I'm pretty sure of that.

How does the high interest rate arise?

Pando Rings is a decentralized bank, where people can deposit or loan from it. The bank interest is paid by loan proceeds. Most important thing is that the entire market is open and transparent with lending data at a glance.

You may ask why the interest rate is so high? Would it be possible? Before answering this question, I would like to show you a few data.

Annualized yield (%)0.0040.051-1.755-7

Data from Google search.

Generally speaking, the more developed countries are, the lower the interest rate on bank deposits, and even some countries not only have no interest but also need to pay administrative fees for saving money. There are few new economic growth points and having a poor liquidity of funds.

In contrast, developing countries have a lot of opportunities to make money, so more people are willing to take out loans and pay higher interest rates after earning money. It just so happens that crypto coins are one such emerging market full of opportunities for growth.

From this perspective, an annualized yield of 9.6% is reasonable, and it's not a fixed rate of return, which will adjust by itself based on changes in free-market lending demand.

Is it safe?

Clear and transparent revenue logic

It has been explained in detail above. If you want to understand more about the operation principle, you can see the official documentationopen in new window.

Extremely high security for asset management

Pando Rings is developed based on Mixin Network and has never had any on-chain security incidents since the Mixin Network Main-Chain online after February 2018. The fund management model uses MTG multi-signature management, at the same time the code is audited by a professional auditing team, which can be viewed in detail on the official website.

Niche crypto deposit restrictions

A system limit is set for collateralized lending of niche cryptocurrency to avoid bad debts where the lending amount is greater than the collateral amount due to huge price changes in a short period of time. The price generationopen in new window can be found in the official documentation.

By the way, what about the source of my savings? Since I didn't purchase a house.

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