Pando Proto Bug Bounty Program

Pando Proto bug bounty program rewards submitters of bugs or patches with pUSD.


  • https://*

Type and reward of bug

The following risk model is used to price bugs:

  • Extremely serious: more than 1000 pUSD
  • Serious: 200 ~ 1000 pUSD
  • General: 10 pUSD ~ 200 pUSD
  • Low: 1 ~ 10 pUSD


Read the following rules before you begin your hunt:

  • You will not be rewarded for submitting an issue that has already been submitted by others or has been confirmed, to be repaired, or has already been repaired by the Pando team.
  • If you directly disclose a bug to the public, you will not be rewarded.


Please describe the bug in the following details:

  • The context in which the bug appears.
  • The level of detail in bug descriptions. There will be more rewards for issues that are logical and clear.
  • The steps involved in reproduction.

How to submit

Please send your submissions to

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