Open and decentralized, Pando is a one-stop shop for decentralized financial services.

We use blockchain technology to build the future of open finance.

Our Mission

Pando’s mission is to enable a future of open finance through blockchain technology.

About Pando

With Pando’s first product 4swap launched in 2020, Pando has continuously worked towards providing comprehensive, secure and user-friendly decentralized financial services.

Its product suite now consists of 4swap, Lake, Rings, Leaf, Catkin, Wave and Fennec. Pando has been a leading and instrumental provider of DeFi products on Mixin Network.

The naming of Pando was inspired by the plant Pando which is known to be the heaviest and one of the oldest living organisms and has a massive underground root system. All products under the umbrella of Pando are named after certain parts of a plant. The naming conveys precisely the aspiration of the team behind Pando - to provide comprehensive one-stop DeFi services and be long-lasting.

Pando is built by a team of builders and passionate blockchain technology believers who share a long-termist view and are willing to build through the ebb and flow of the blockchain industry.

Built with Mixin Trusted Group

Pando is built with Mixin Trusted Group, which is a multisig-based framework powered by Mixin Network. At present, the servicing genesis nodes are as follows.
The main develop team of Pando
The core develop team of Mixin Network
Industry-leading mining service provider
A trading platform provides users with the secure and trusteeship services
BOX investment community
Exin trade platform
The main sponsor of Pando Leaf.

Contact us

We can be reached at

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If you have already downloaded Mixin Messenger, feel free to join our Mixin communities.

  • 4swap Community on Mixin Messenger: 7000103925
  • Pando Community on Mixin Messenger: 7000104110