Own Web3 Commenting and Chat with Ethereum Login & Wallets

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Features of Pando Talkee

  • Commenting

    Wallet-to-wallet commenting with any walletconnect compatible wallet
  • Instant Chat

    Instant Chat in your web pages with simple embed code
  • Distribute Rewards

    Distribute rewards to your users to encourage their participation

More Features

Content on the Chain

Put the comment content on the blockchain

End-to-End Encryption*

End-to-end encryption for instant chat (work in progress)


You will be notified when someone replies to your comment (work in progress)


Blockchain based anti-spammer strategies (work in progress)

On-Chain Analytics

Get on-chain analytics for your comments, help you target your audience

Airdrop On-Demand*

Send airdrops to the high-value users who participated in your event (work in progress)

Compare with others

Talkee aim to be the best commenting system for web3. Here is a comparison table with others.
Web3 Compatible🚫🚫
Self hosting🚫
OpensourceYes, AGPLv3NoNo
AdvertisementsNeverNoShow ads
TrackingNeverNoTrack users

Integrating Talkee with your website is a breeze

Pando Talkee's developer-friendly APIs empower third-party developers to easily integrate commenting and chat features into their own web or mobile apps

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