Collaborating with MixPay: A New Era in Cryptocurrency Payments

We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with MixPayopen in new window, a prominent cryptocurrency payment platform. Our joint efforts aim to offer users a smooth and efficient payment experience, ensuring that our customers can effortlessly purchase goods and services.

The strategic plan for this collaboration involves the following milestones:

  1. Incorporating MixPay into the Pando developer consoleopen in new window, enabling developers to utilize MixPay's payment services directly through our platform.
  2. Creating and open-sourcing a MixPay SDK in Golangopen in new window, simplifying the process for developers to integrate MixPay's payment solutions into their applications.
  3. Integrate MixPay into Talkeeopen in new window, our Web3 social tool, allowing users to effortlessly send and receive both comments, messages, and airdrops.
  4. Embedding MixPay into Bazaaropen in new window, our e-commerce platform, to offer our customers a secure and streamlined payment method.
  5. MixPay supports Pando USD (pUSD) for payment, quote, and settlement

Moreover, we are also working on marketing, to ensure that our services are adopted by each other's user base.

We are confident that this cooperation will significantly improve our payment capabilities, and we eagerly anticipate working hand-in-hand with MixPay to deliver the finest payment experience to our customers.

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