Pando Mixin Trusted Group Update:Replacing Poolin with RUM to Enhance Security

We hope this announcement finds you well. As part of our ongoing commitment to enhancing the security and stability of the Mixin Trusted Group (MTG) that supports Pandoopen in new window, we are excited to inform you about a significant change that will take place within our MTG.

Currently, our Mixin Trusted Group consists of six genesis nodes that verify transactions on the Mixin Network and perform administrative actions. To further strengthen the security of the MTG, we have decided to replace Poolin with RUM as one of the six genesis nodes.

  1. Mixin Team: The core development team of Mixin Network
  2. Fox.ONE: The main development team of Pando Leaf
  3. RUM: An open-source P2P application infrastructure to offer the internet alternatives
  4. Big.ONE: A global trading platform that provides users with secure and convenient trusteeship services
  5. Exin: A trading platform for digital assets
  6. Cedirc Fung: The main sponsor of Pando Leaf & Rings

RumSystemopen in new window is a groundbreaking open-source P2P network framework & decentralized solutions (abbreviated to RUM). It is expected to use technologies such as Gossip protocol, smart contracts, cryptocurrency, and blockchain to address the excessive centralization of the current Internet and threats to users' rights in terms of privacy, security, ownership, and fair value exchange.

We believe this change will significantly enhance the security and robustness of the Pando ecosystem.

We are excited about the future of Pando and are grateful for your support and understanding as we work to enhance our platform's security and reliability.

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